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BrandTrust Talks Beyond - #BeReal #Imperfection

Social media platform BeReal, imperfection, authenticity and Generation Z

Colin spoke with Kees Elands, founder of TrendsActive, about the social media platform BeReal and imperfection. These two episodes are the first in English.


In Kees' opinion, BeReal is a counter reaction to the other social media platforms. What can they learn from each other?
Colin and Kees discuss whether BeReal is hype or a trend and how the platform came to be. They also discuss authenticity and the characteristics of Generation Z, which is looking for a more authentic image of itself. This fact is also an important insight for brands.


Colin has also observed this 'trend' in brands that already have a great vision, but have not yet implemented or achieved it.

Kees sees authenticity more as a trend and imperfection as an endorsement of that. Perfection and imperfection go hand in hand - imperfection (failure, mistakes, ...) are usually prerequisites for perfection.

What does this mean for brands? They should show their human side, not just perfection. He cites Nike as a positive example.

You can listen to the podcast here:

Partner Colin Fernando

Partner Colin Fernando ist bei BrandTrust Experte für tiefschürfende Markenanalysen, strategische Optimierung von Markenportfolios und Implementierungen von Markenstrategien - insbesondere für B2B- und Sportmarken.

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