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The first textbook for tourism brands

Destination Branding - von der Geographie zur Bedeutung

The first textbook to unite the topics of brand and tourism. On his journey through the world of destination brands, the tourism and brand expert takes a variety of perspectives, so the book offers valuable insights not just for professionals but for anyone interested in the tourism industry.


The first textbook for technology brands

Value Branding: Vom hochwertigen Produkt zur wertvollen Marke

Industry and technology companies have to realize: They need not only premium products, but urgently need valuable brands as well. In “Value Branding”, Jürgen Gietl describes how to build and manage a brand to be successful.


The first textbook on brands that combines theory and practice.

No. 1 Brands : Die Erfolgsgeheimnisse starker Marken

A book brimming with invaluable brand expertise: First, Klaus-Dieter Koch and his team explain 12 crucial aspects of successful brand strategy and brand management. In the next segment, 12 brand managers share experiences from their work, talking about challenges and goals. Finally, the book offers an interview with philosopher Peter Sloterdijk about the brand phenomenon.


The English edition of “Was Marken unwiderstehlich macht”

101 Triggers to Boost Your Brand

Klaus-Dieter Koch’s successful book “Was Marken unwiderstehlich macht – 101 Wege zur Begehrlichkeit” is now available in English. A book filled with tips on how a brand can achieve high attractiveness – become desirable.


The future belongs to the interaction of economy, ecology, ethics, and integrity

GOOD Business – das Denken der Gewinner von morgen

Companies have to let go of old thought patterns and pure profit orientation. The future belongs to the GOOD Business economy – an interaction of economy, ecology, ethics, and integrity. The book provides the necessary thought and action framework for decision makers.


The standard reference for brand management

Reiz ist geil – in 7 Schritten zur attraktiven Marke

This book by Klaus-Dieter Koch has become one of the “must reads” of brand management. The author derives brand management rules from the laws of physics and packs them into a very readable book brimming with fresh ideas for more brand success.


A book filled with practical advice for more brand attractiveness.

Was Marken unwiderstehlich macht - 101 Wege zur Begehrlichkeit

What strategies, methods and details make a brand desirable? Klaus-Dieter Koch gives 101 practical tips for successful brand management based on decades of experience as a brand strategist.


Seven evolutionary laws of brand management

Brand Future – praktisches Markenwissen für die Marktführer von morgen

Achim Feige, leading expert for future-oriented brand management, describes how companies can successfully guide their brands into the future. His insights are based on seven evolutionary laws of brand management.

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