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101 Triggers to Boost Your Brand

Klaus-Dieter Koch’s successful book “Was Marken unwiderstehlich macht – 101 Wege zur Begehrlichkeit” is now available in English. A book filled with tips on how a brand can achieve high attractiveness – become desirable.

101 Triggers to Boost Your Brand

The successful book by Klaus-Dieter Koch "Was Marken unwiderstehlich macht – 101 Wege zur Begehrlichkeit" is now also available in English. A book full of tips how a brand can develop strong attraction – become desirable.

What motivates customers to buy a brand? No, it's not just a matter of awareness. They key to a brands success in the market – and thus its long-term business success – is its attractiveness. The founder of BrandTrust, Klaus-Dieter Koch, an international brand strategy consultant and successful author, is convinced of it.

In his book 101 Triggers to Boost Your Brand – How companies can grow in saturated and competitive markets, he provides 101 international, sound, and inspiring examples for B2C and B2B brands of how they make their way to desirable brands. Because it is the only way they can act as growth drivers to secure the future of a company.

"101 Triggers to Boost Your Brand" is the English edition of the book "Was Marken unwiderstehlich macht - 101 Wege zur Begehrlichkeit" released in 2009 by Orell Füssli Publishers.

Klaus-Dieter Koch illuminates numerous aspects of brand management, for instance:

Publisher: Orell Füssli (2012)
Hardcover: 218 pages
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3280054923
ISBN-13: 978-3280054925

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