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Klaus-Dieter Koch - Foto: Ludwig Erhard Symposium

BrandTrust Founder and Brand Expert from the Beginning

Klaus-Dieter Koch is one of the most experienced brand strategy consultants in Europe: He began to focus on the idea of brand as a management tool very early, and for more than 25 years has been advising corporations and mid-sized companies on how to increase their corporate value with the aid of their brand. He has applied his many years of brand expertise in over 300 projects in a range of business sectors. His client list includes the destination Engadin St. Moritz, Rauch Fruchtsäfte, Julius Meinl, Stabilo, Madeleine Mode, Mustang, UPC Cablecom, and Axpo, to name a few.

In 2003, Klaus-Dieter Koch founded BrandTrust, because he recognized the enormous unused potential of brand management as a value driver for corporations and institutions. Since then, he has been successfully supporting decision makers with his unique combination of passion, expertise, and ingenuity. He has helped many brand managers to find solutions to challenges such as brand management in the digital age, differentiation from the competition, future brand fit, and leadership management, and to systematically take advantage of their entrepreneurial potential.

Sector Focus

Lifestyle & Luxury

Telecoms, IT, Media, Entertainment & Security

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Brand Consulting Focus

The Author

With "Reiz ist Geil – In 7 Schritten zur attraktiven Marke" (7 Steps toward an Attractive Brand), Klaus-Dieter Koch wrote one of the most successful books in the field of brand literature. He also wrote the text book "Was Marken unwiderstehlich macht – 101 Wege zur Begehrlichkeit", which has been translated into English, and published the title "No. 1 Brands", which was released on the occasion of BrandTrust's 10-year anniversary. His articles and contributions about brand management appear in all relevant economic media in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Thanks to his many years of brand and marketing experience, Klaus-Dieter Koch is uniquely suited to recognizing developments and trends, and he regularly initiates studies in his field of expertise.

The Speaker

To practically enable brand managers and to spread the knowledge about the power of brands, Klaus-Dieter Koch gives numerous lectures on topics like brand management and digital brand management at Universities and Business Schools. He has been part of the core faculty at ZfU International Business School in Zurich for many years. He is also a sought-after speaker at international business congresses and brand conferences, where he captivates CEOs and brand managers with a combination of sound facts and inspiring content, always presented in his own concise yet charmingly entertaining way.

Lecture Focus:

  • Brand management in the age of digital transformation
  • How to create trust in the digital world
  • Brand management: The smart way toward No. 1
  • Brands in the digital age – success factors & mortal sins
  • More revenue with a clear brand strategy
  • From target group to brand community

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Reiz ist geil – in 7 Schritten zur attraktiven Marke
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