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BrandTrust: Unsere Vorgehensweise
At BrandTrust, we are interested in the big picture - away from short-term goals and tactical marketing.

Our approach has proven itself in over 1,400 completed brand strategy projects, in over 500 well-known companies and groups. In B2C and B2B sectors. Our clients consistently give us top marks and we are proud of that.

This is our strength: the systematic development of a strong appeal that benefits a company in the long term. This is achieved with the brand. When used correctly, it is the most powerful and holistic corporate strategy. Anyone who thinks it is just a pretty look is doing it an injustice.

A brand builds the necessary esteem among people, which leads to lucrative added value. If this appreciation is lacking, companies have too little room for manoeuvre: their actions are then limited to price and fleeting, singular marketing moments.


Your company is unique - bet?

We turn your brand into a beacon that provides orientation for everyone - customers, employees and stakeholders. We talk to all of these groups at the start of our projects. Together with our clients, we develop a unique positioning, find strong potential and unique top performances.

This is what we are passionate about: enthusiasm, passion, transparency, traceability, commitment and connectivity. With these ingredients, we achieve greater appreciation - and thus more added value.

Consulting, implementation & analyses

Yes, we are a consultancy - but we don't just advise. On request, we can also get involved in the implementation and realisation of brand strategies. And we enjoy doing so! We design employer branding concepts, develop customised sustainability strategies, design pricing systems and carry out marketing efficiency analyses.

Utilise the energy of your brand!

It is invaluable for digital transformation, for creating outstanding customer experiences, for exceptional growth strategies with minimised risks and for innovations that inspire your customers.

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Mirja Frank

Customer Love Manager