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Doing good can be profitable - with the help of the brand.

Brands should act in a socially and ecologically responsible manner - this demand has reached the mainstream. People are demanding sustainable solutions for a wide range of grievances and global problems. This is even worth a 13.5% premium to them, as we saw in our Impact Brand Study.

So doing good and profitability are not mutually exclusive. The important thing is that such a commitment must be driven by deep conviction and communicated honestly. And: it must fit the brand.


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Referenz BrandTrust: Neumarkter Lammsbräu
Top Unternehmensberatung 2023: BrandTrust

Hattrick: We are also in the FOCUS Top Management Consultants ranking in 2023

For the third time in a row, we were recognised as a top management consultancy by the business magazine FOCUS in 2023. Once again this year, the excellent performance and memorable expertise of our consultants was recognised by both clients and colleagues.

We are delighted with this appreciation and would like to thank our clients and colleagues.

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Mirja Frank

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