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Reiz ist geil – in 7 Schritten zur attraktiven Marke

This book by Klaus-Dieter Koch has become one of the “must reads” of brand management. The author derives brand management rules from the laws of physics and packs them into a very readable book brimming with fresh ideas for more brand success.

Reiz ist geil

Klaus-Dieter Koch describes the seven steps companies need to take to make their brands attractive and desirable. Because, as he says about brand strategies in Germany: "We do not have a lack of performance, innovation, quality, or service, but a lack of seduction." The book is standard reading in brand management.

Klaus-Dieter Koch developed the seven steps toward more desirability by drawing on the laws of physics. From this perspective, he was able to create refreshingly plausible rules that have proven effective in practice. Koch explains them using lots of brand examples. Marketing professor Philip Kotler wrote in his foreword: "His many examples of good and bad brand practice and his personal experience as a brand consultant have made this book exciting reading."

These are Klaus-Dieter Koch's 7 laws of brand physics:

  1. The greater the density, the stronger the mass attraction
  2. Paramagnetic stories attract heterogeneous groups with the same intensity
  3. A brand on which no force is exerted remains in a state of inertia
  4. The center of the brand is singularity
  5. The resilience of a brand is a result of load and time
  6. A closed system creates density
  7. Swarm intelligence increases a brand community

What readers think:

"This book helps to restore trust in the power of the brand. Brands must once again seduce and be refreshingly different. Koch writes in a personal and clear style and with a lot of passion for his topic: brand."
Sebastian Schwanhäußer, Managing Director STABILO International GmbH

"An ingenious book; a must for all entrepreneurs who care about their companies. A wonderful overview of successful positioning of a brand. Koch shows that the brand is a living thing and an immense opportunity."
Christiane Wenckheim, Management Board Ottakringer Brauerei AG

"Koch takes material from physics, biology, psychology, and economy, and builds his attractive brand. Koch whet's the reader's appetite for continuity, endurance, and detail: sustainability rather than managerial activism."
Heinrich Linz, COO Winterthur Insurance

"Klaus Koch really knows how to present the topic of branding in a sound, systematic, and practical way. He presents a clear path for continuously increasing a company's value."
Walter Huber, CEO Emmi Schweiz AG


Publisher: Orell Füssli (2007)
Hardcover: 190 pages
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3280051789
ISBN-13: 978-3280051788

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