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Value Branding: Vom hochwertigen Produkt zur wertvollen Marke

Industry and technology companies have to realize: They need not only premium products, but urgently need valuable brands as well. In “Value Branding”, Jürgen Gietl describes how to build and manage a brand to be successful.

Value Branding: Vom hochwertigen Produkt zur wertvollen Marke


Our Managing Partner Jürgen Gietl is one of the most renowned B2B and brand specialists in the German-speaking region. In his book, he describes how industry and technology companies can build strong brands and benefit from them long-term.

After 20 years of intensive brand consulting work, Jürgen Gietl knows the particulars of these sectors – and addresses them in his book. "Decision-makers love quick decisions ... That's exactly what brands are for. They shorten purchasing decisions. The problem is: If this shortcut bypasses the top technology we want to sell, then no matter how hard we try, we will not have any part in our customers' purchasing process," Jürgen Gietl explains one of the problems of the sector.

This is why strong brands are so important to technology and industrial companies: "A consistent brand experience is prerequisite for customers to develop trust in your peak performances, your quality, and your reputation," says Gietl. A well-managed brand allows you to sell peak performances better and at higher prices. So a brand is the key to sustainable profitable growth.

In "Value Branding", the B2B brand expert outlines the individual steps of successful brand development, using a balanced mix of practical experience, lots of examples, and theory.

Each of the 20 chapters describes an essential action principle of successful brand strategy and brand management. Managing directors, brand strategists, and brand managers learn in easy and concise ways how they can profitably offer their services and products with the help of a brand.

The 20 principles for successful B2B brands:
1 Trust your peak performances.
2 Serve your sales department.
3 Offer value rather than illusion.
4 Do not copy B2C brands.
5 Delve into the world of engineering.
6 Sell only credible innovations.
7 Decide on either value or price.
8 Discover the leverage effect and the love of small budgets.
9 Don't just play advertising, but conduct the concert of brand experiences.
10 Escape the complexity trap.
11 Stage your engineering skills.
12 Subjugate the whole company to your good reputation.
13 Keep your brand promise.
14 Differentiate performance brands from branded products.
15 Put your money on the right brands.
16 Distrust partner brands.
17 Ingredient Branding: Skip the value chain.
18 Give your brand an attractive aura.
19 Don't talk about "brand", live your "brand".
20 Make yourself incomparable.

The chapters contain checklists, exercises, or recommendations. Some are available online as working aids, so they can be passed on and implemented in the company.


Publisher: Haufe-Lexware (2013)
Hardcover: 224 pages
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3648041061
ISBN-13: 978-3648041062

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