Blog: BrandTrust Future Circle in Tel Aviv

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The BrandTrust Future Circle goes on a journey: From 21 to 25 October we will report live from our Learning Journey to Tel Aviv. More information about this unique journey can be found here (English website).

- 24. Oktober -

Trip to Jerusalem

Sandra, our fantastic tour guide and 150 cm of history

- 23. Oktober -

Learnings vom Israel Innovation Discovery Trip 2

Klaus-Dieter Koch, Gründer und Managing Partner von BrandTrust, fasst die Erkenntnisse des 2. Tages in 3 Learnings zusammen:

1. Netzwerkeffekt bei Cyberangriffen
2. Erhöhte Wettbewerbsfähigkeit bei kleinen Märkten
3. 500 Start ups pro Jahr werden gegründet: 3 % schaffen den Exit

Dinner at Hatraklin Restaurant

Walking Tour around the city and free time

Last company visits


Clearview Partners assist foreign companies doing business in Israel. They provide them with the "home-field" advantage they would have
if they were doing business in their hometown. Among their clients are technological, industrial and financial companies, from growth-stage to Fortune 100.


an Innovation Lab that creates and implements Smart Innovation Programs to empower organizations to achieve growth, reduce risk and minimize cost. They do so through a range of innovation programs, formed and tailored to your needs by experts in Israel's Startup Nation with a track record of success.

Next Stop: @StoreMaven

Store Maven invented app store A/B testing

Great Meeting Location at @Check Point Software Technologies Israel

Learning more about Cyber Security

Good Morning from Tel Aviv! We are ready for a second day full of inspiration.

- 22. Oktober -

Learnings vom Israel Innovation Discovery Trip 1

Klaus-Dieter Koch, Gründer und Managing Partner von BrandTrust, fasst die Erkenntnisse des 1. Tages in 3 Learnings zusammen:

1. Warum Israel eine Start up-Nation ist
2. Umgang mit Fehlerkultur
3. Pragmatismus: Geschwindigkeit, Realitätsnähe
"Israelis know the fastest way to the second best solution"

Dinner Time at Goldman´s Court

KONNECT is an open innovation campus focused on the technologies of tomorrow. Founded by the Volkswagen Group as fully owned Israeli subsidiary and based in Tel Aviv, KONNECT builds a bridge between the Group's brands and the dynamic Israeli startup scene.

Our Crew for the Learning Journey

Inspiration by SAP.iO

Coffee Break with instagrammable cappuccinos

Visiting Remagine Ventures, a venture capital fund

Enjoying the view of Sarona 

Facts about Israel

Pitch Event: 3 pitches from Start-ups


Good Morning! First day of our Learning Journey

- 21. Oktober -

First Dinner together and Welcome Ceremony

@Restaurant Caanan

Instagrammable Places in Tel Aviv

We are looking forward to welcoming our participants tonight! Meanwhile, we are discovering the city and all the most instagrammable places. #instagrammability

Street library

 - 20. Oktober -

Discovering Tel Aviv

Our Orga team is already checking out the city and all the nice spots. Looking forward to our Israel Innovation Discovery Trip starting tomorrow!

Discovering the culinary specialties of Israel and Tel Aviv Night Life

Morning Run by the sea enjoying the city view

Tel Aviv Airport

Just landed in this beautiful vibrant city!