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President Trump: The better brand prevailed

09.11.2016 - From a brand point of view, Donald Trump’s victory comes as no surprise: Ten principles explain why he became president of the USA.

Without a strong employer brand, companies have no future

07.11.2016 - How do I find the right employees to master the challenges of Industry 4.0? A clearly defined employer brand is essential.

Mainstream makes brands interchangeable – the problem of “Middle Brands”

08.08.2016 - It is very dangerous for a brand to become part of the interchangeable mainstream. Why the middle is a bad position and how a brand can get out of it again is demonstrated by the fashion label s.Oliver.

Digitalization – an opportunity for brand management

13.05.2016 - Gaining competitive advantages through clever digital brand management – this is the topic of a talk by Klaus-Dieter Koch at the ZfU Conference “Strategie, Kultur & Business Innovation” (Strategy, culture, & business innovation).

No-Name instead of brand: What do retail customers accept?

02.05.2016 - When customers can no longer find their favorite products at their retailer, they don’t simple change the product brand – they’d sooner change retailers.

Technology companies need the power of the brand

18.04.2016 - The digital transformation makes technology companies drop their “Hidden Champion” status and instead shape the future with brand strategies.

Digitalization – more opportunity than threat for brands

15.02.2016 - Even today, customers are not just buying products – they want meaning. Digitalization amplifies this; customers are becoming co-creators and co-producers of the brand story.

Companies in transformation: Strong brands make them resilient

01.02.2016 - How can companies build the needed resilience and agility in the digital age? And what is the role of the brand in this? One thing is certain: The brand manager will be the “hero of the change”.

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