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Klaus-Dieter Koch: “Digitalization shortens the distance to the customer, places him center stage again.” 

Digitalization – an opportunity for brand management


Gaining competitive advantages through clever digital brand management – this is the topic of a talk by Klaus-Dieter Koch at the ZfU Conference “Strategie, Kultur & Business Innovation” (Strategy, culture, & business innovation).

How will the digital transformation change brand management? And how can companies use clever digital brand strategies to build closer customer relationships and thereby gain a competitive edge? BrandTrust founder Klaus-Dieter Koch intends to answer these questions at the two-day ZfU Conference "Strategie, Kultur & Business Innovation" (Strategy, culture, & business innovation) in Zurich on May 18 and 19, 2016.

In this short video, Klaus-Dieter Koch explains why brands and companies have to react to digitalization: "Digitalization shortens the distance to the customer, places him center stage again." The disadvantages of digitalization will be deficits caused by hyper-competition, speed, and complexity: "These will evoke in people a new desire for the opposite: for depth, substance, honesty, attention, and attentiveness."


At the ZfU Conference "Strategie, Kultur & Business Innovation", experts like Prof. Dr. Michael E. Porter, Professor for Strategy and Competition at Harvard Business School in Boston, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, Chairman of the Board of the Nestlé Group, and Dr. Alexander Osterwalder, lead author of the international bestsellers "Business Model Generation" and "Value Proposition Design".


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