Nation Branding

Nation Branding

Nation Branding

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The term nation branding refers to the image and reputation of a state. It is the condensed expression of the peak performances of a nation.

A nation brand is shaped by various factors, such as a state's political structure, its culture, but also the character traits ascribed to its population. There are so-called positive and negative preconceptions that people have about a country.

What is the world's image of a nation?

For nation branding, a state does best to use its positive preconceptions to position itself credibly and with differentiation. The better it can to that, the stronger the nation brand.

  • A nation brand like Brazil has joie de vivre and improvisational talent right in its DNA. Images of Brazilian Carnival confirm that image every year.
  • Germany, on the other hand, stands for efficiency and reliability.
  • Switzerland is known for safety, precision, and citizens' participation.
  • When we think of good food, design, and fashion, we automatically think of Italy.

Every year, the GfK compiles the Anholt-GfK Nation Brands Index (NBISM). It measures how 50 countries are perceived worldwide. The index illustrates not only a nation's current image, but also the direction in which it is developing. The index is calculated from six factors: Exports, Governance, Culture, People, Tourism, and Immigration/Investment. In 2017, German took first place.

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