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TREND REPORT 2020: The search for meaning / TrendsActive, BrandTrust

TRENDREPORT 2020: The search for meaning

How brands can contribute to people's search for meaning. This trend report helps brands to respond to people's need for a meaningful life.

On the cooperation between BrandTrust and TrendsActive

"To enhance our brand promise 'enabling brands to attract people" we cooperated with TrendsActive, deeping our understanding for what people really affects and drives. It is a magic combination of what drives brands today and what will move people tomorrow."

- Klaus-Dieter Koch, Gründer von BrandTrust

"Enabling Brands to Attract People" - that is the promise BrandTrust made 17 years ago and which we will take to a new level with our new merger to TrendsActive, the first consultancy that ensures customer relevance by turning socio-cultural trends into actionable strategies.

The world is evolving faster than ever. Complexities, and thus opportunities and risks, are constantly increasing. New, unknown players are conquering the market in no time at all, making even established brands hard to deal with. Markets form and destroy themselves in the shortest possible time. In addition, there is a networked customer who acts in an increasingly contradictory and unpredictable manner, whose options are constantly increasing and whose loyalty is decreasing at the same rate.

How can brands survive, grow and be profitable under these conditions?
Knowing how brands work and knowing what influences people's behavior is the "sweet spot" to minimize risks and increase the chances of success when brands have to be led through unpredictable times.

TrendsActive has been researching socio-cultural trends, their influence on society and successful corporate development for 17 years.

Like no other brand consultancy in German-speaking Europe, Brand Trust has the expertise of over 1000 brand projects carried out for over 300 market-leading clients in 11 industries. With this in-depth knowledge of the factors influencing people and businesses, we want to use this new combination to provide our clients with sustainable competitive advantages so that they can draw the full potential and using resources in a more targeted manner.

Our conviction is: brands do not follow, they lead. TrendsActives conviction is: Those who understand the "why" behind the actual phenomena in our society can lead.

We are looking forward to this cooperation.


TREND REPORT 2020: The search for meaning

How brands can contribute to people's search for meaning.

This trend report helps brands to respond to people's need for a meaningful life. Here you get an insight into the study: PDF.

Order the TrendReport 2020

Herewith I would like to request the TrendReport 2020 from TrendsActive as PDF for a nominal charge of 99 Euro.
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You will then receive the invoice by e-mail.

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