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Brand strategy is corporate strategy – only from a different vantage point.

Virtually every company has a company strategy. It is usually well thought out, binding, and rather broad in its scope. There are systems to support and monitor its implementation. All of this is routine and part of today's standard management practices.

The problem: Almost all company strategies work on similar patterns. They no longer inspire, fascinate, and seduce. Employees perceive them as more of a burden than as motivational and meaningful.

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Brand strategies can fill this void. Brands work because they give meaning. Because they fascinate. Because they inspire. Brands can invigorate employees and condense collective yearnings into desirable micro-ideologies.

No company these days can afford to linger in its comfort zone. In a world shaped by disruption and transformation, un-learning is more important than learning. The ability to leave habitual perspectives behind and dare to try something new will decide the struggle for survival. Giving meaning will become more important than targets. Pride and confidence will become core competences of corporations. Sacurity and stimulation impulses should be perfectly balanced.

By changing the perspective, we help our customers to unlock their undiscovered business potential.