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We help companies to build outstanding brands.

Thanks to our unparalleled wealth of experience from over 1,000 brand projects we know what it takes to make a business successful. We know what works under what circumstances – and what doesn't.

Brands always grow from the inside out. The first big step, therefore, is to guide employees, business partners, and other stakeholders in changing their habits and processes to support the brand. This is about enthusiasm, passion, transparency, clarity, commitment, and applicability. Those are the ingredients that let companies achieve higher appreciation for their performance – which in turn generates more added value.

So use your brand's energy. It is of inestimable value for the digital transformation, for creating outstanding customer experiences, for extraordinary growth strategies with minimum risk, and of course for innovations that thrill your customers.

We offer a range of services that covers all of the applications of intelligent brand management within a company. We have divided them into five categories:

Brand Leadership


Brands need a leading position to guarantee profitable growth and increased resilience in turbulent times.

To be successful, brands must credibly seize the No. 1 position in a segment, because that is where awareness and loyalty are concentrated. Brands in this position provide security and orientation in a constantly changing environment – both within the company and to the public. That means: Brands can be most effective when they force their market and competitors to follow their lead. Brands can only seduce when they can lead.

A clear brand strategy that all those involved can easily comprehend and that is geared toward a No. 1 position is the indispensable foundation of all brand work.


The most frequent questions we as market consultants hear on the topic of "BrandLeadership":

  1. How well is our brand managed? What is its position in the competitive environment?
  2. What are our brand's chances for the future?
  3. How do we organize our brand portfolio? How much in common and how much separation are helpful?
  4. How can we develop a brand strategy that all involved can understand and implement?
  5. How do we structure the interactions of all involved persons within the company?
  6. How do we make our international or global brand management efficient and expedient?
  7. To what degree must we integrate acquired brands? How do we establish a connection with separately managed brands? How can we support that connection?
  8. How do we prepare the sale or inheritance of our brands and how do we shape their legacy?
  9. How do we know when our brand is successful? How can we measure brand success?
  10. 10. How can we help our top management to live the brand?


These are the solutions to achieve "BrandLeadership":

  • Brand Excellence Audit
  • Brand Portfolio Management
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Brand Centric Leadership
  • Global Brand Governance & Organization
  • Brand Value Management / Economic Brand Management
  • Brand Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Legacy Building
  • Leadership Coaching

Brand Positioning


Uniqueness leads to the next level of corporate development.

Strong brands have clear boundaries. A company who respects and manages these boundaries has an especially powerful success driver. But this is precisely what is most often underestimated. It is not necessarily about being better than the competition – it is about confidently emphasizing one's uniqueness. This rests on the twin pillars of historically developed peak performances and the public's collective memory. These two together create credibility, attraction, and differentiation.

The most frequent questions we as market consultants hear on the topic of "BrandPositioning":

  1. How can we prevail against the competition – apart from the price?
  2. What is our identity? What are we proud of, what boosts our self-confidence?
  3. How can we describe our brand core – and how do we best use it?
  4. What do our customers have in common? How can we describe and approach them? How can we manage our fan and brand community?
  5. What are our customers' dreams, wishes, hopes, and desires, and how can we best satisfy them?
  6. How do we attract the right talent to work for us?

These are our solutions for successful "BrandPositioning"

  • Competitive Brand Positioning
  • Employer Branding
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand DNA
  • Building & Managing Brand Communities
  • Understanding Customer Insights

Brand Transformation


Recognizing and seizing future opportunities in saturated markets.

Brands help companies to face the future confidently and self-assuredly. But how can a company initiate the change in perspective that is so essential for the transformation? How does it escape from its entrenched thought patterns? How can it inspire employees and generate growth?

To support our clients on their way into their future we use a unique combination of methods that we have used extensively and that have proven to be effective. These are methods that help entrepreneurs and employees to work toward their future enthusiastically and systematically.

The most frequent questions we as market consultants hear on the topic of "BrandTransformation":

  1. How do we have to structure our business model to optimally use the power of our brand?
  2. How can we better and at the same time more committedly prepare for the future?
  3. How important is digital brand management for us and what should we do?
  4. How can we become innovative without losing our identity?
  5. How can we use our brand's energy to reinvent ourselves?
  6. How can we use our brand system to unlock new business potential?
  7. How do we use our brand to create unique customer experiences?
  8. How do we initiate an internal culture and behavior shift?
  9. How can we make our internal brand management more clear and transparent?

These are our solutions for successful "BrandTransformation":

  • Internal Branding
  • Blue Ocean Strategies
  • Scenario Planning
  • Business Re-Modeling
  • Digital Business Models
  • Customer Centric Innovation
  • Cultural & Behavioural Change
  • Transforming Customer Experiences
  • Identifying Growth Potential
  • Unlock Business Opportunities

Brand Performance

Creating experiences for customers and employees – to assert higher prices.

Implementing a brand strategy is the supreme discipline – but many fail at it. The excellence in the implementation shows whether the quality and effectiveness of the brand strategy are right.

An especially crucial aspect of the implementation is the linking of all touchpoints, the individual stations of the customer journey. Because whether consumers will follow that journey to the end is what determines the decision to buy, buy repeatedly, and remain loyal customers in the long term. Creating an extraordinary customer journey requires active involvement from many different service providers that are all committed to the brand. A tailor-made cockpit helps to measure the success of work results.

The most frequent questions we as market consultants hear on the topic of "BrandPerformance":

  1. What is the status of our brand? What is its development potential?
  2. How can we measure the results of our brand management?
  3. How can we design our brand communication to use and at the same time strengthen our brand's energy?
  4. How can we improve our marketing and make it more efficient?
  5. Which digital channels should we use, and how?
  6. How can we assert higher prices and better conditions?
  7. How can we make our global brand management more efficient and effective?

These are our solutions for successful "BrandPerformance":

  • Brand Management Audit
  • Strategic Marketing Consulting
  • Digital Brand Management
  • Communication & Design Management
  • Brand Score Card/KPI's
  • Brand Touchpoint Management
  • Sales & Pricing Strategies
  • Global/Local Brand Management

Brand Education

Foto: Martin Zwanzger

Enabling leaders and marketers to create and manage attractive brands.

We share our knowledge in distinguished events: with our clients' employees and with interested professionals. Extremely practice-oriented, in small groups with a limited number of participants, precisely tailored to their development needs.

BrandTrust offers the most comprehensive training program for strategic and operative brand management in the German-speaking region. Our proven and continuously improved formats are available to our clients in-house or as public events.

The most frequent questions we as market consultants hear on the topic of "BrandEducation":

  1. Where can our top management find out more about brand management?
  2. How do we learn how brand strategies are developed?
  3. How can we implement brand strategies more expediently?
  4. Do you offer training services we can use for our internal staff development?
  5. How do we find out how we can use our brand in sales?
  6. How does brand management work in the digital world?
  7. How do we design, manage, and measure customer journeys?
  8. How do we manage our brand across cultural and mentality boundaries?
  9. Do you have special brand seminars for our industry?

These are our solutions for successful "BrandEducation":

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