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Inspiration by BrandTrust

In our new section "Inspiration by BrandTrust", our founder Klaus-Dieter Koch shares his thoughts and inspirations with your four to six times a year, to guide you off the beaten (thought) path. He ventures to make the occasional prediction for the future and looks forward to trading ideas about topics that are touching us in the present, to opening new perspectives or offer exciting insights. Recommendations for further reading let you delve deeper into the subject if you're interested.

2nd inspiration: What moves me

"Alexa will kill brands" - This famous quote by Scott Galloway still gives me food for thought. In my current inspiration, I would like to reflect with you on the future elementary importance of AI. Often thought too utopian, it is almost pushed aside as currently irrelevant science fiction, but it is far from that. AI has already found its way into so many areas of our professional and private lives that we should be dealing with it intensively right now in order to avoid being left behind. In purchase, marketing, pricing and fraud/fake detection, the consistent use of AI is already normal and is part of the standard, otherwise these enormous amounts of data could no longer be managed. In brand management, it feels like this is still a long way off at the moment, but I dare to predict that by 2025 this will change fundamentally and brand strategies will no longer be able to be developed and implemented without the use of AI.

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1st inspiration: "Explosion of the Joy of Living"

The first encouraging inspiration of our founder Klaus-Dieter Koch on the "Explosion of the Joy of Living"":
The Italian philosopher Franco Ferrarotti coined the term "Explosion of the Joy of Living" right at the beginning of the first wave. It has now been delayed longer than hoped, but his assessment is still correct. The explosion will be characterised by the enormous need to catch up, the urge for self-reward and the formation of a new appreciation.

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Managing Partner: Klaus-Dieter Koch

Managing Partner and BrandTrust founder Klaus-Dieter Koch is one of the most experienced brand strategy consultants in Europe and regularly shares his thoughts and inspirations with you here.

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