BrandTrust Future Circle 2018

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BrandTrust Future Cirlce

14th BrandTrust Future Circle 2018

Because of its unique concept – only one topic, only one speaker, one workshop format that deals with your questions and topics together with the speaker – the BrandTrust Future Circle has evolved into a high-profile think tank.

Our main idea

Brands are a reflection of permanent change. As markets, societies, political systems, or entire cultures change, so do the brands that interact with them. Forward-thinking brand managers should therefore take time every now and again to stand back from their daily work and think beyond the current operative problems. This is why we created the BrandTrust Future Circle. It takes place at the Hotel RIVA on Lake Constance.


Our speaker

Liesl Yearsley is CEO of A·kin, an AI company doing core AI research, creating AI able to form deep relationships with humans, and solve complex problems in uncertain environments. A·kin is a Public Benefit Corporation, with the aim of the responsible co-evolution of AI and humanity.

Before that, Yearsley was CEO and founder of Cognea, an AI company which was acquired by IBM, and is now a significant part of Watson. Before that, she was CEO and founder of an applied AI search engine company, which went public in Australia.

She was born in Central Africa and built a large education organization there. Yearsley is the inventor on 4 patents in Search and AI, has training in Cognitive Sciences, and her field is Computational Neurosciences. She divides her time between A·kin's Silicon Valley headquarters, and their new Australian AI research hub.

Klaus-Dieter Koch,

founder and managing partner of BrandTrust, invites once a year to that special event.


Do you have any questions?

Write Eva Stockhausen.