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BrandCircle Vienna

The head of our Vienna office, Achim Feige, invites you at regular intervals to his exclusive BrandCircles in the heart of Vienna, to the BrandTrust Living Room on Lugeck. These evenings are enriched by talks on topics such as “The Brand Austria”, “Stable and agile in disruptive markets”, and “Your way out of the price spiral”.

“Austria’s economy is growing, but makes less and less profit,” the Wirtschaftsblatt once reported. Markets are shaped more and more by “cheaper is better”, by globalized discount competition, and the digital disruption of existing business. Ruinous price battles, permanent crisis management, and restructuring of companies are the consequence. Many companies have been stuck in this downward spiral, and not only since the crisis in 2008.

The Brand as Antidote

A strong brand is the antidote, and it can stop the downward spiral of value deterioration. Why? Brands live longer than companies. Brands keep prices stable. Brands grow through recommendation. Brands propagate trust during expansion, make employees proud, and provide stability during transitions. In short: They increase the resilience, the robustness, the company's long-term value. Brand management thus becomes a job for top management and not just a matter of marketing. Because the brand must be perceived as an economic management system, not just a communicative shell.

The BrandCircle Vienna offers you a platform for exchange on the questions "What creates sustained value?" and "How do I make my company strong for the future?". We look forward to conversations and insights from your entrepreneurial experience.

You would like to be there? Please feel free to write to us.




Achim Feige: Executive Brand Consultant, Executive Markenberater

Achim Feige, partner of BrandTrust and head of our Vienna office.

Alma Prüfert: Communications Manager

Do you have any questions or would you like to be there? Write Alma Prüfert.