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Creating incomparable customer experiences with brand-based Design Thinking

"Knowledge is power, but empathy pulls the switch." I appreciate working toward a goal, work on my topics with passion, and steadfastly believe in what I do. I appreciate challenges, because they make me grow and improve.
Creating strong brands may just be the greatest challenge that companies will have to face in the future: I believe the brand is the most underestimated sales driver. People don't buy products, they buy emotions: a good feeling, security, joy, etc. This is what I am stepping up to do: To awaken real emotions with brands (emotions are energy in motion), which lead to unhesitating purchasing behavior, in other words less price sensitivity, a higher repeat purchase rate.

Sector focus

Financial & Professional Services

Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & MedTech

Chemicals, Energy & Materials

Brand consulting focus

  • Brand-based DesignThinking
  • Persona-focused marketing
  • Managers as brand role models

The Speaker

In his talks and webinars, Sebastian Schäfer sets great store by clear examples and a high level of applicability of the brand knowledge he shares. His goal is to make his listeners enthusiastic about rediscovering their brands: (re)-discovering and understanding them as a powerful driver for more sales. This is what he is passionate about, and he knows how to keep is audience entertained with humorous anecdotes and bonmots.

His talks focus in particular on the following topics:

  • What will be the role of marketing in the future for making the power of the brand available for the benefit of the company
  • Brand-based DesignThinking


Often inspired by artists who have become world brands. Why? Because they adhere to a fundamental principle: Brand is expressed will.

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