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Colin Fernando (© Bernd Hofmeister)

The implementation expert

Colin Fernando is BrandTrust's expert for in-depth brand analysis, strategic optimization of brand portfolios, and implementation of brand strategies — particularly for B2B and sports brands. An alumni of Bayreuth University, he is co-founder and long-term team lead of the Bayreuther Ökonomiekongress (Bayreuth Economic Congress).

After some initial attempts to establish P2P car sharing in Germany, his path led him to a leading German premium automobile manufacturer. In 2011, as the responsible project lead for that automaker, he developed an event concept for the Asian market that was unique for its time and has since received several international awards.

He joined BrandTrust in 2012. In over 70 projects to date, Fernando has supported respected mid-sized companies and DAX corporations with developing and implementing their brand strategies, and using their brands as a tool to increase their company's economic value.

Fernando is a sought-after speaker and host, and lecturer at the former BAW, Quadriga University, and Lucerne University. Since 2016, he has also taught the BrandTrust Brand Seminar. In addition, he assists young entrepreneurs, and every year supports several startups in their brand development process.

As a licensed soccer coach for the German Soccer Association DFB, he has been spurring his players to peak performances for more than 5 years, sharing with them his experience from many years of top-class soccer in Lower Saxony.

Sector focus

Chemicals, Energy & Materials

Public Sector, Destination, Tourism & Logistics

Technology & Automotive

Brand consulting focus

The speaker

Colin Fernando's clients describe him as a man with proven "social skills" who manages to keep his audiences glued to their seats for hours. He is not afraid to speak unpleasant truths out loud, though never to provoke or get attention, but because he is simply passionate about brands. With his enthusiastic and energetic style, he regularly fills lecture halls at German universities and enhances events and conferences with new viewpoints of the topic of brands.

His lecture topics:

  • The 3x3x3 of brand positioning
  • System rather than arbitrariness – how to optimize your brand portfolio
  • Brand management beats marketing

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