Bastian Schneider

Bastian Schneider - Partner in der Schweiz, BrandTrust (Foto: Julia Magenau)

Brand expert for transformation and empowerment

"The brand is the engine of change - with it you make powerful progress"

Bastian Schneider is our experienced BrandTrust partner in Switzerland. Over the past 20 years, he has supported global corporations, medium-sized family businesses and start-ups from all sectors in their transformation.

He is passionate about strategic and operational issues relating to brands. And he analyzes the impact they have on corporate development.

For Bastian Schneider, the focus is on immediate results that also have a lasting effect. To achieve this, he combines brand strategy expertise with business understanding and effective change management methods.

Before joining BrandTrust, he accompanied the transformation of a Swiss family business in Zug for twelve years in leading management positions. He also supported a renowned brand institute in Geneva as a consultant and researcher. Before emigrating to Switzerland, he was co-founder and partner of a management consultancy in Witten (Germany).

Bastian Schneider is involved on a voluntary basis as President and Chairman Switzerland of the international Brand Club based in Vienna. Bastian Schneider also stands out as a passionate communicator on the topic of "brand and future". He gives talks at specialist conferences and company events and publishes on his favorite topic, for example in specialist media and on his blog His aim is to raise and strengthen awareness of the value of the brand in the business world. And he wants to make it clear that the brand is a core element of corporate management.

Bastian Schneider lives with his wife and two sons in Oberwil near Zug, Switzerland.

Brand focus

Brand consulting focus

Bastian Schneider, BrandTrust Partner in der Schweiz
Bastian Schneider, BrandTrust Partner in der Schweiz
Bastian Schneider, BrandTrust Partner in der Schweiz
Bastian Schneider, BrandTrust Partner in der Schweiz
BrandTrust Partner in der Schweiz: Bastian Schneider
Bastian Schneider, BrandTrust Partner in der Schweiz

The speaker

In his presentations, Bastian Schneider sheds light - in small groups and on a large stage - on the special value of the brand for entrepreneurial goals. In a lively way. In a practical way. With clear words. With concrete examples and practical recommendations for action.

His current focus:

Self-determined transformation: the brand as a driver of business change
Employee empowerment: The future is better together
Substantial differentiation: Beware of the death spiral of strong brands

Bastian Schneider

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