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Senior Brand Consultant: Colin Fernando

Colin Fernando

Senior Brand Consultant

Senior Brand Consultant: Alois Dorfer

Alois Dorfer

Senior Brand Consultant

Senior Brand Consultant und Repräsentantin in Ljubljana: Metka Hrovat

Metka Hrovat

Senior Brand Consultant
Repräsentantin in Ljubljana

Executive Consultant: Susanna Wieseneder

Susanna Wieseneder

Executive Consultant

Executive Consultant: Susanne Jech

Susanne Jech

Executive Consultant

Senior Brand Consultant und Repräsentantin in Italien: Dr. Deborah Zani

Dr. Deborah Zani

Senior Brand Consultant
Repräsentantin in Italien

Brand Consultant: Tanja Schug

Tanja Schug

Brand Consultant
Repräsentantin in der Schweiz

Brand Consultant: Dr. Judith Meyer

Dr. Judith Meyer

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant: Johanna Otto-Erley

Johanna Otto-Erley

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant: Martha Kift

Martha Kift

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant: Bianca Lücker

Bianca Lücker

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant, Quality Manager: Stefanie Berning-Wieczorek:

Stefanie Berning-Wieczorek

Brand Consultant
Quality Manager

Brand Consultant: Nicole Rimser

Nicole Rimser

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant: Benedikt Streb

Benedikt Streb

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant: Stephanie Hofer

Stephanie Hofer

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant: Sebastian Schäfer

Sebastian Schäfer

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant: Eva Köttschau

Eva Köttschau

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant: Michele Schmitt

Michele Schmitt

Brand Consultant

Brand Consultant: Bernhard Scholz

Bernhard Scholz

Brand Consultant

Personal Assistants

Personal Assistant: Philipp Spittel

Philipp Spittel

Personal Assistant
Head of Back Office

Personal Assistant: Andrea Baust

Andrea Baust

Personal Assistant

Team Assistant: Justin Mikoschek

Justin Mikoschek

Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant: Jeannette Marcus

Jeannette Marcus

Personal Assistant

Customer Management & Marketing

Head of Marketing und Customer Management: Alexandra Fischbäck

Alexandra Fischbäck

Head of Marketing /
Customer Management

Assistant Marketing und Eventmanagement: Eva Stockhausen

Eva Stockhausen

Assistant Marketing

Customer Management Assistant: Mirja Frank

Mirja Frank

Assistant Customer Management

Event und Marketing: Nicole Eckle

Nicole Eckle

Event und Marketing

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager: Manuela Seybold

Manuela Seybold

Human Resources Manager


Business Administration Manager: Ingrid Langhammer-Mend

Ingrid Langhammer-Mend

Business Administration Manager

Accountant: Erika Pfeiffer

Erika Pfeiffer