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- March 11th -

Store checks in Austin

No line experience in the Amazon store

TOMS store

YETI Flagship Store

4th day of the conference

4th day of the conference

- March 10th -

What a finale! Whether a yoga session in the planetarium, the first public appearance of Susan Fowler, the whistleblower at Uber, talks with Jodi Foster and Elisabeth Moss or Nicholas Thomas (WIRED), who grilled the former mentor of Mark Zuckerberg, Roger McNamee on stage, there was something for everyone.

As different as the stories may be, the bottom line is that together we can change the world - for the better! All we have to do is take a closer look at what's going on, make better decisions and, despite all the technological progress, don't neglect our humanity.

We take that to heart and enjoy tonight's final evening with all the customers and friends who are in Austin at the time.

Spotted in Austin

3rd day of the conference

Portable beamer:

Lunchtime: One of the best BBQ restaurants in Texas

„You never get something if you don't ask for - not even a no"

Early Morning Briefing

- March 9th -

Today we continued listening to further high-end minds. It started with Howard Schultz, who very sovereignly presented his thoughts on the political situation in the USA and impressed with his enormous entrepreneurial wealth of experience.

Happy to have found a place in Ballroom D, many of us stayed seated to learn about the latest tech trends from Amy Webb. As last year, it stirred up the fears and hopes of all the listeners as she told the optimistic, neutral and catastrophic scenarios that can be seen in the current technological developments. Their message was clear - we are still creating tomorrow ourselves, individually and as a community. But therefore better decisions are needed today.

Our decisions for the days here are clear: experience new contexts, open your mindset and gather inspiration - as intensively as possible.

Dinner and nightlife

Dinner at "Moonshine Grill" with one of the participants of our learning journey 2018

Spottend in Austin

2nd day of the conference

Amy Webb: 2019 Emerging Tech Trends Report

Howard Schultz, Frmr Chairman & CEO of Starbucks and Dylan Byers, NBC News: "The new Rules of Engagement"

Tanarra Schneider, Studio Lead & Managing Director, Fjord/Accenture: "Digital Trends and the Impact of Privilege"

- March 8th -

Do you want to be part of the group or do the others want you to be part of the group? With this question our first lecture by Brené Brown opened this morning. Fitting or belonging? In our groupe it is already second after only two days in Austin.

Today the SXSW started and everyone went to their favourite events with great enthusiasm. Thanks to our internal influencer, Kim, the first exchange took place completely unplanned at lunch. The first findings are manifold: Creativity is craft (CIA), the quality of your relationships (private and internal) essentially determines the bottom line (Esther Perel) and it is the many small things in society that give us an idea of where we are going - if you look!

With a selective perception for the "non-obvious trends" of this world, tonight we will continue to discuss with good wine what each of us can make of this treasure trove of knowledge.

Nightlife in Austin

 Dinner at CRÚ Food & Wine Bar

First day of SXSW 2019

Waiting for the next lecture ...


- March 7th -

When one new start up idea after another is exchanged at lunch, one realizes how much the Austin vibe is beginning to take us all.

Very impressed and obviously inspired we got to know fascinating people again today.

Cam Houser for example, founder of 3Day StartUp, shared with us his experiences with the different founding cultures of this world.

Raymond Kaminski, a former NASA employee, told us with great humility about his many start-ups. From Fintech to the disputed space company, everything is there. And his list for further start-ups is still long. His credo: Timing is everything!

After a visit to the new Oracle cosmos, we were able to experience at re:3D what an Open Source mentality really is.

Conclusion of the day: Do it! Or in the words of Cam: "It's not about making the RIGHT decision, it's about making A decision!

Dinner at Arlo Grey Restaurant

and exchange of day's learnings

Badge Pick-up

 Scavenger Hunt in Austin

Learnings Journey Day 2

Visiting Oracle

"The main job of a start up CEO is to convince people to follow that crazy way", Raymond Kaminski

A lot of learnings

Shanez Hemmati, Founder of ZenBusiness

Our "BrandTrust goes SXSW"-group

- March 6th -

Our first day is over. Our resume: intense!
20 people, 10 potential business ideas, 5 real startup pitches in front of Austin's first class entrepreneurs.

Accompanied by 3Day StartUp and great mentors, all of them company founders, we had to go through the process from a fixed idea to a sophisticated business model in just one day. We were challenged, encouraged, wildly discussed, bitten our way through and learned what it means to let go of our "baby" (pivot) so that something new could emerge from it. Looking forward to another day at the Startup Factory, the evening will end in Austin's legendary White Horse.

Dinner at Salt & Time and Honky Tonk at White Horse Inn

Feedback session with mentors

Elevator pitches

One minute pitch - problem, solution and how you make money.


Customer Discovery

Brainstorming for innovations

One-Day Innovation Program

Workshop, ideation, pitches & feedback at CapitalFactory with 3DayStartup.

Daily Overview

Walk to Capital Factory

The official start of our Learning Journey

A warm welcome to our participants from our Managing Partner Klaus-Dieter Koch.

- March 5th -

Our Austin-based ambassador during SXSW in an interview:

Location check @Capital Factory

For the pre-program of the SXSW

- March 4th -

 Just a few days left until SXSW

Discovering Austin

Fancy shopping: Machines for trendy brands

- March 3rd -

Checking our individual program

Let the Learning Journey 2019 begin ...

The first member of our "BrandTrust goes SXSW"-crew is already on the way to Austin.




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