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Rituals – the underestimated brand capital of Christmas markets

27.11.2017 - More and more communities are renaming their Christmas markets to “winter markets” and increasing their duration. This can be very dangerous for brands, because it destroys the ritual, a crucial element of their brand core.

What is brand management?

06.11.2017 - The term “brand management” is part of the standard vocabulary of industry and economics. But is it always used correctly? Let’s take a closer look: What is brand management, what does it do, and what mistakes are commonly made?

Blockchain & Bitcoins: What does the brave new world mean for brands?

06.10.2017 - What will be the role of brands in business in the future, when blockchain technology has become established? Are they old relics, or rather the basis this new development needs to function?

Digital enterprises: Why they cannot do without real brand experiences

06.06.2017 - Even purely online businesses should use the power of offline brand touchpoints, because it sets them apart from the competition and attracts customers. We will illustrate what they need to know by the example of the online mattress market.

Why Brand Touchpoint Management is the better kind of Customer Experience Management

15.05.2017 - “Customer Experience Management” is one of the main topics for marketing decision makers worldwide. Those who place their brand center stage will have the advantage – it makes the brand incomparable.

Customer Experience: The central success factor in the digital transformation

20.03.2017 - What does it take to build and maintain a customer journey? And why is it more important than ever for a positive customer experience? Eight tips to make sure your brand touchpoints will thrill.

The brand as a business management imperative – What it contributes to the success of the enterprise

14.03.2017 - Of course: company leaders aim for shareholder value. But why do they exclude the brand from this value creation process? To help them recognize what they are missing, we have translated the power of the brand into the language of finance management.

The future of brand management

15.02.2017 - How can companies build the resilience and agility they need in the digital age? And what is the role of the brand in all this? One thing is certain: the brand manager will be the “hero of the transformation”.

Brands need the power of all five senses

06.02.2017 - Too many brand companies place all their bets on the visual and auditory senses and risk being lost in the roar of the market. Examples like Ikea, Singapore Airlines, and Lush show us why multi-sensual brand management is better.

VUCA-Mastering: Mastering chaos with the brand

30.01.2017 - Like a lighthouse, the brand can help a company navigate safely through the dangers of the VUCA world.

LES MILLS: From an idea to a global following

25.01.2017 - The brand LES MILLS® shows us how to use strategic brand management to create a “Star Brand” and keep it alive.

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