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In oversaturated markets, brands have to be unique

30.11.2015 - For human relationships, compromise may be a good thing – but not for brands! They need clear boundaries.

Traditional marketing adieu: The four new roles of CMOs (2/2)

23.11.2015 - What skills do marketing managers need to successfully guide the economic transformation? The following is an introduction to the four core responsibilities and the role of the brand.

Marketing managers become co-leaders – with the help of the brand (1/2)

16.11.2015 - To master the great economic transformations, marketing must be given more responsibility. The brand is a valuable supporter.

Brand Centric Leadership: Brands provide orientation for leadership

07.09.2015 - Too often, the brand is not lived by management or the employees. That can be dangerous. We will introduce you to a leadership system that is based in the brand: Brand Centric Leadership.

Retail brand touchpoints: Employees are more important than advertising

01.06.2015 - What brand touchpoints are relevant for consumers? What companies are able to differentiate themselves at those touchpoints? We analyzed the touchpoints for three sectors (in D, A, CH). Sector 1: Retail.

Brand touchpoints decide over success or failure

13.05.2015 - Our study on the management of brand touchpoints demonstrates how important it is for brand awareness and attractiveness. We analyzed the banking, retail, and sporting goods sectors.

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