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Introduction: The 13 rules for success of a brand architecture

08.08.2011 - How to you establish a growth-oriented brand architecture? Jürgen Gietl explains the 13 rules for success in a series. The first part gives you an overview of this hot topic.

Nation Branding: How a country becomes a strong brand

03.08.2011 - The Austrian nation is working on its brand to boost its image. How does "Nation Branding" work? Klaus-Dieter Koch in an interview with

Luxury sells: How to guide a luxury brand into a successful future

10.06.2011 - Anyone who wants to build and manage a luxury brand needs to practice patience and be skeptical of promises of quick success.

Is the age of testimonials in brand communication coming to an end?

24.05.2011 - To exude more credibility and customer closeness, more and more brand enterprises advertise with "average Joes". But this communication strategy will only pay off if they keep their advertising promises at all brand touchpoints.

To attract the best talent, employers need a credibly managed, attractive employer brand.

28.03.2011 - The lack of qualified employees will be one of the greatest challenges companies face in the near future. The corporate brand plays a major part in the struggle to win talented people and keep them.

The right brand style is more important than creativity and advertising pressure

22.03.2011 - Consumers these days are taking only a few seconds for each brand contact. To be noticed in that short a time, a distinctive brand style is essential.

No more counting beds – the future of winter tourism lies in added value

28.02.2011 - Most winter destinations in the Alps are still striving for mass growth. But the future belongs to a new perspective: added value per customer. This new viewpoint is a fresh breeze blowing through marketing.

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