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The Future Specialist and Finance Brand Expert

Achim Feige is one of a very small group of brand consultants who know how to translate the theory of trend and future research into concrete terms for day-to-day brand management. He advises some of the fastest growing and most innovative providers in the banking and insurance sector like quirin Bank, ING DiBa, easyCredit, or Swiss Life. His sound industry expertise has helped his clients achieve marked success with issues like the digital transformation or how to connect quantitative targets with operative marketing work by means of brand strategies. Brand managers seek out Achim Feige's know-how and appreciate him as an inspiration, advisor, and sparring partner even beyond the scope of brand projects.

Achim Feige joined Brand Trust in 2003 from Consors AG, Germany's first internet broker, where he served on the executive board and was responsible for business development and thus for the enterprise's strong growth. Before that, he was a trainer and advisor at Mathias Horx' Zukunftsinstitut (Future Institute). His profound understanding of financial services providers, his experience as a future and innovation expert, and his pioneering work in digital brand management make Achim Feige a preferred contact when it comes to sustainable brand strategies and their implementation.

Sector Focus

Retail, Mail Order & E-Commerce

Financial & Professional Services

Brand Consulting Focus

  • Brand resilience in the age of digitalization
  • Implementation of a brand-centric leadership culture
  • Making brands fit for the future
  • Creation of innovative business models
  • Added value by thinking outside the box
  • Competitive brand positioning
  • Leadership training and coaching of top executives
  • Post-digital banking / insurance

The Author

Achim Feige has written several text books about future topics and about the societal relevance of brand management. As a publisher and author of studies, he focuses particularly on evidence for the correlation between excellent brand management and the successful transformation of companies and business models.



The Speaker

Achim Feige is a highly popular speaker at Business Schools and at visionary congresses like the Marketing Management Congress, the Fifteen Seconds Festival, or the Quadriga Capital Executive Forum. He possesses the unique ability to establish the bridge between future and present and between strategic and operative brand management.

Lecture Focus:

  • Age of You: What comes after digitalization?
  • How do I make my company resilient and achieve growth in shrinking markets?
  • The 10 laws of digital brand management
  • GoodBrands – How meaningful brands are improving the world and making sustainable profits because of it.
  • Leadership 3.0 – The four Leadership Mind Sets for corporate management of a new generation.
  • Brand is not the same as Marketing: How we are systematically destroying the brand with campaigns and what we can do about it.
  • Digital brand management: What stays the same and what changes compared to the analog age?
  • Europe first: How we can charge our brands with European culture codes to persevere against the USA and China.
  • The brand manager as transformer: The three new roles of brand managers beyond CD, advertising, and social media.

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